Friday, March 22, 2013

Why Are We Not Laughing?!

Correction: Why am I not laughing? Well, I do laugh every day but I haven't done my blog funnies in a while. Does anyone miss them? Does anyone even read my blog since I got all boring and angsty??

My laptop is crying right now.

I'd do this. Would you do it? I totally would.

Suddenly I stopped eating Oreos for the rest of my life

Aw, Sweet Brown. She's talking about Oreo Spider!

Pretty much my sentiments exactly about this season. I have faith the finale will redeem itself, though. Thoughts?

I'm dying. I was like, "What is the internet's sudden obsession with sloths? Have they replaced kittehs as the new meme, I don't underst...AAAHAHAHAHA"

And finally, these total dorks cracking me up at a party at the YMCA. I especially love how they just get into it at the end when the Y employee starts dancing with them!

This time last year:

Being Your Own Reviewer? - I reviewed my books honestly, then glowingly, then hated on myself. Fun stuff! Oh, and a short Cobalt excerpt too.


  1. ROFL!!! Thank you so much for that Kristin, I needed a good laugh. You definitely left the best for last -- laughing so much, almost fell off my chair. Cute though ... very cute ... and those sloths -- cavity-inducing cute!!!!!
    Hope you and your family are well :D xx

    1. Doing better every day. :) I'm missing my blogging friends, so I'm trying to catch up with everyone!

  2. Yes, I missed your funnies! Love those boys. They know how to have fun!

    1. They never turn down an opportunity to do Gangnam Style. :B

  3. Found you and had to check out your blog! Love the name of it BTW. And I'm so glad I stopped by. Thanks for the chuckles. :)


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