Thursday, June 13, 2013

Lia Channels Her Literary Weird Al Again

Yippee, Lia punks Cobalt again, this time playing with some alliteration. I love it when she does this, even if it makes me look back and question my writing style. I wonder if she's making fun of me. Well, of course she's making fun of me! Hehe. She should write an entire Cobalt parody, it would be hysterical.

The first few paragraphs are mine, and then it's pretty obvious when she picks it up.
Their pursuer chose that moment to appear at the line of trees behind them. With a noisy cracking of limbs, it lurched out into the clearing and paused. They could all see it in the twilight: the gray bulbous body supported by what looked like a dozen or more writhing tentacles. It hesitated at the Forest’s edge, looking just as confused by the abrupt end of the foliage as they’d been.
“Looks like the younger brother of the thing that brought the ship down!” Viktor said.
It was true. The creature was many times smaller than the monstrous beast that had attacked the Velia Rose, but it looked no less deadly. The body pulsed and swiveled, until a pair of malignant black eyes glared at the group only a couple dozen feet away.
The beast stared them down malignantly with its muddy eyes. It moved malevolently towards the meek mass of migrants with maliciousness in mind. Suddenly, it did the macarena. Needless to say, the travelers were mystified. Never before had they seen a mollusk macarena with such magnificence.
"My oh my," shouted Milek. "Such majesty!"
"Marvelous," mimed Marty the mechanic.
"Miraculous," mumbled Anthia. The massive mollusk modeled for the multitude.
"Mayhaps I might join your merry mass? We may have many marvelous misadventures and I can match many in mighty melee!"
"Nope," said Kate, and stabbed the squid right between the eyes with her little dagger thing. To this day, nobody knows how she did it because apparently she's not very good at fighting or whatever.
Wait, I'm not done being funny! I want more, before I go back to the day job.

Oh! I had a major fangirl freakout over this one. One of my favorite steampunk bands (I'll post some music below) favorited my 40th birthday tweet!! I didn't even know they were following me. :D

And this time last year:

I Suck Because... - Oh, last year I didn't think we were moving to Boise. And I was switching to my maiden name. Heh. I also had a broken foot. What else is new?



  1. I lol'ed through the whole thing. That butt joke was the best! And yay for alliteration. I think I should use that more often in my comedy scenes :)

  2. you are hilarious girl!!! glad to be your newest follower!!!

  3. lol

    You had me at muddy eyes, and then the macarena? Goodness. Sorry about your broken foot. Guess you're going to be doing the macarena any time soon, eh? =(

  4. Ooh. A mollusk that does the macarena would be mind-boggling.

    Btw, I just finished The Friday Society - have you read it? Totally streampunk. Made me think of you. ;)

  5. LOL . . . as a third grade teacher I love alliteration :-) So much fun to play with. Glad you found the time to blog today!

  6. You make me smile. You've been through a lot this year. *hugs* Congrats on making it through.

  7. Alliteration rocks! Lia rocks!! Mollusc doing the macarena?? Inspired *lol* Had to read it twice as I was laughing so much the first time.

    I found the 'butt' joke the funniest ... and I'm almost 50, what does that say??? I have boys, that's my excuse!

  8. Happy belated 40th Birthday! Good to see all in your house are still creative :)


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